3D can be a dangerous game

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With ever-increasing volumes of data coming out of CT and MR modalities, the value offered by 3D reconstruction also increases.  I’m not aware of many folk doing large volumes of 3D reporting or review but it should be treated with caution.

Simple volumetric reconstruction onto a normal monitor can be supplemented by the developing 3D visualisation technologies now becoming mainstream.  Indeed, the most popular Open Source viewing application – Osirix – has a facility for visualising 3D with red/green glasses.

CrunchGear fires some warning shots and SlashDot points to hard evidence that some technologies at least can be detrimental to developing visual systems in children.

2 Comments to “3D can be a dangerous game”

  • Well, I think doctors are not children, so the visual system are developed enough. I never saw doctors making diagnosis with red/green glasses as well.Another point is that being open source means nothing, it is not better or worst than any other commercial software. I think you should develop your thought, it’s a little bit uncompleted, it sounds FUD to me.

  • My point is the understanding of how these technologies work is incomplete. I know I am quite hesitant at having active glasses working at supposedly synchronised frequencies. Certainly for long periods.

    Having said that, I’m hosting my 6-year old’s birthday at a 3D movie this weekend. I’m simply advocating caution.

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