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Fidelity – Support for DCM4CHEE

Increasingly, Hospitals are looking to augment their existing PACS installation with an archive sourced independently of their current vendor.  There are a number of reasons why this may be:

  • For some installations, much historic data is held offsite with a per-study charge for retrieval.  A seperate, cost-effective archive on commodity hardware can allow for historical data to be made available without incurring such charges.
  • The capital cost of expanding on-site storage can with many vendors be at an unreasonable premium.
  • Migrating to a new vendor can be a fraught process unless all the image data is held on an open, standards-based archive.

One of – if not the – most popular option for acheiving just this is the open source archive software DCM4CHEE.  It is unquestionably one of the most robust and feature-full archives (either proprietary or open source) in the market.

A barrier, however, to implementation has been a lack of formal support and services options.  This is why we are offering the Fidelity range of support packages for DCM4CHEE – for your peace of mind and to facilitate your efforts to take back control over your data.

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Complete Solutions

It can be argued that the images you produce belong belong to you, your hospital, or the patient. There is no argument that those images belong to the PACS vendor. But some vendors insist in locking images into proprietary systems that dominate the data – not the other way around.

Because York Archives are 100% Open Source (and always will be), that domination is reversed.

One of the many benefits of Open Source Software (OSS) is that your reliance on a single vendor is broken. Many organisations can provide support and services for a single product. That puts the pressure back on the vendor – where it belongs – to continue to provide good value in service, support, and innovation.

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Accession PACS

If you have modest requirements for your DICOM archive, you may not need dedicated hardware. With Accession PACS, you can take advantage of existing PCs to provide cost-effective yet rock-solid, world class archiving facilities. Your DICOM images are stored on a primary PC and then distributed to any number of secondary PCs for added security.

From €499 for a primary archive and €199 for each additional secondary.

Tower PACS

With a heavier workload, you may look for dedicated hardware, with a little more horse power. With options from €2,300, you can boast your own fully functional PACS server with redundant power supplies, network cards, and disks for maximum security.

Bamburgh: PACS in the Cloud

Hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre in Carlow, Ireland, your DICOM images are as secure as they can get. The access strictly limited to individuals you nominate, privacy is made an utmost priority.

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