York D-Pyrrho

Undeniably the best way to transfer images between institutions is via direct DICOM links. The York PACS series of solutions is a great place to start in that effort. For those situations where that isn’t possible, however, and for the sceptics, we offer D-Pyrrho for CD (or DVD) burning of DICOM-compliant media disks.

York D-Pyrrho is a DICOM CD burner designed from the ground up to make the process quick, efficient and, most of all, safe.


  • Auto-loading robot. Capacity 20 or 50 disks.
  • No limitation on modalities allowed.
  • No artificial limitations on number of studies per disk.
  • Web-based control (with user-level control).
  • Configurable, automatic printing of patient demographics and study information.

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