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We are pleased to be able to offer the York PACS and DICOM Education Series. Specially optimised for the NIMIS environment, elements of DICOM courses not relevant to NIMIS can be omitted to fit the entire course into a single day. Current courses offered are as follows, and are expanding:

Course 001: DICOM Troubleshooting

DICOM Troubleshooting is a one-day, on-site course in diagnosing and resolving multi-vendor conflicts in a DICOM network within the NIMIS environment.

Managing a multi-vendor DICOM network can be challenge. Subtly different variations in interpretation of the DICOM standard can make an enormous difference in the success, or failure, of a digital service.

Problems that may occur include:

  • Variations in the policies around Unique ID (UID) generation. There are many occurences of UID in each and every image. The rules around when and where those UIDs are updated can be open to interpretation.
  • There are also rules around how some of those UIDs relate with each other. Many recipient systems are lenient with non-conformant originating systems, but not all.
  • Some data elements are absolutely mandatory, but some are mandatory only subject to certain conditions. Partner systems may well assume the presence of expected elements.

It is important to have somebody within your own organisation who can diagnose such issues and act as ‘referee’ between two or more vendors. Students who successfully complete this course will bring that skill set to your resources.

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